April 25, 2017

Sometimes you WANT to post about the latest party you went to, or the pictures from the great vacation you just had.  But the rest of the time, most of us don’t want to broadcast our private information to the rest of the world when we’re online.  Many people don’t realize that when they type http://...  into their browser, it is like sending a postcard that is easily read along the path between browser and server. An easy solution to keeping your data secure, like putting the message into an envelope, is to use https://... instead.


Our browsers have to know how to exchange information with all the servers throughout the internet, so each side of the conversation understands the messages.  Two standard methods (or protocols) have been created that the browser and server use to converse, http and https.   (The “s” in https stands for secure, and it is the safer method).  When using https, the messages between you and the server are encrypted, so no one else can re...

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