April 11, 2017

Someone recently asked me what it takes to ensure a successful implementation of Magnolia Prime’s Telebeneficiary™ Service, a communications platform that delivers a customized, recorded and scheduled voice message to a phone of any type (to learn more visit www.magnoliaprime.com.). I listed a number of factors, but as I thought about it later I realized that what drives success is leadership.

It seems like a pat answer—everyone knows that leadership is a crucial factor in everything we do in our work and in our lives. So, I started to break down what leadership looks like in this case. There are three roles a leader must play, the Champion, the Listener and Facilitator, and the Delegator.

The Champion

It begins at the top of an organization. The sponsoring executive who brings Magnolia Prime into the organization must do more than just hand off to the administrative staff. The introduction requires a Champion—a senior leader who not only signs the contract but makes clear why it’s being...

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