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Magnolia Prime helps improve the bottom line by reducing hours spent on communication-related activities. We also help achieve business goals by ensuring efficient, effective, and client-friendly communications. 


Below are two of our many success stories. First, we have Heron Court where we are saving them staff hours each month. Second, we have Bethany Center. For them, Magnolia Prime bridges multilingual 

communications gap between residents and staff.


To learn more about how Magnolia Prime can help you achieve your objectives, contact us below:

Success Stories

Heron Court Cooperative Homes

Heron Court is a Redwood Shores, California, family cooperative community with 104 townhouse units. The primary languages spoken
in the homes of the residents are English (80%) and Spanish (20%).

Heron Court management was experiencing inefficiencies and frustration associated with resident communications. The traditional
method of printing fliers was not meeting their needs. 
With the ongoing need for timely contact with all residents, Heron Court turned to Magnolia Prime. The Magnolia Prime solution helps meet the needs of both management and residents.

For the management, it:

  • Allows for redirection of 5–10 hours of management’s time to more productive efforts.

  • Decreases staff frustration due to a flier not being retrieved from the resident’s porches.

  • Documents office communications with residents.

For the residents, it:

  • Keeps them better informed of issues affecting them.

  • Ensures timely notification of relevant information, such as Board of Director meetings and decisions, and management updates.

  • Provides a more cohesive and informed resident community.

“We are happy with Magnolia Prime. It has been a very useful communication tool. It has eliminated the time and energy spent on creating and distributing memos.”

Maria Nelson
Assistant Administrator

Bethany Center Affordable Senior Housing


Bethany Center is an affordable senior housing community in San Francisco. The residents are made up of many cultures with five different languages represented, including Cantonese, Spanish, English, Russian, and Korean. Less than 20% of the residents speak English.

With such a diverse population, communication between staff and residents is challenging. Traditional methods have only helped marginally.
Bethany Center was looking for a more impactful and efficient

communication process to help them reach their 150 residents. The staff had

recently organized a resident meeting to discuss the building’s upcoming

renovations. It was important for residents to be informed of the plans

affecting them, including emergency renovation actions. In the past, typical

meeting attendance was quite low, with only about 45 of the total 150 residents.

Magnolia Prime’s Telebeneficiary Service delivered a phone notification of the upcoming
meeting. With 90 residents in attendance, Bethany Center had a 100% increase in meeting participation. Not only was attendance high, but the residents’ feedback about the new service was very positive.

Success of the Magnolia Prime solution allowed for:

  • Ongoing and timely communication about the upcoming renovations and 
    their effect on the residents.

  • More inclusive environment for residents.

  • Anticipation of fewer construction delays and lower costs due to fewer construction days.

  • Support of operating plan’s inclusionary requirements.

“ I like how easy and convenient Magnolia Prime is to use. It has helped us reach out to more residents than we would normally do through written notices alone, and it has
increased the attendance of our community programs.”

Miguel Rodas
Leasing and Occupancy Specialist


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