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  • by Stacey Holmes

Investing in the Longevity Market

Magnolia Prime recently attended the 14th Annual Silicon Valley Boomer Venture Summit. The theme for this year was, Global Investment in the Longevity Market. We were excited to be able to have a booth, pictured below with Karen Routt, CEO, and Kevin Williams, VP of Business Development. It was a great opportunity to network, meet, hear, and discover. The event brings together entrepreneurs, leaders in the field of aging and the venture community to create a unique forum to explore, share and design products and services that will dominate the baby boomer market in coming years.

It was invaluable to be in an environment where there was so much focus on the longevity marketplace. Magnolia Prime is not new to this conference. In a prior year, we were a finalist in the business plan competition.​​

The speakers were abundant and knowledgeable. There was a lot of beneficial networking and a rich variety of vendors with an array of services and products. A portion of the companies, including Magnolia Prime, were driven by their own personal experiences. The companies’ solutions were extensive and included bed alarm systems, messaging, emergency calling, specialized reading glasses, and a roommate matching service for baby boomers.

We were excited to add to our knowledge of the longevity marketplace. Two companies, in particular, were most impressive in terms of their alignment with Magnolia Prime. First is Home Care Assistance, offering an innovative, science-based approach to aging, elevating the standard of care for seniors everywhere. There is also Quantros, a leading provider of enterprise SaaS-based solutions and information services that advance healthcare quality and safety performance. We think there is a great opportunity for Magnolia Prime to provide our service to enhance their clients’ care.

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