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Magnolia Prime's Telebeneficiary™ Service is an enterprise-level communications platform which delivers a customized, recorded and scheduled voice message.


Magnolia Prime helps property managers and case managers free up staff to do more value-added work, enhance their relationships with their customer base, and achieve their business objectives.


We have a strong feature set that makes Magnolia Prime your best choice:

Phone call/messaging

Record a personalized

Detailed reporting of
delivery results

Receive useful, real-time reports
of every message you send out. Reports are easy to access
and download

Variety of call delivery options

Confirm receipt and voicemail delivery options

Permanent message bank

All messages are stored for easy retrieval and re-use

Unlimited grouping
of recipients

Greater flexibility for
customized messages
without re-work

Personalized messages
for individuals and/or
groups of recipients

Less re-entry work saves times and money; more effective high-touch communications

Unlimited choice of languages

Recipient hears message
in their own language

Two-way communication via
interactive voice response (IVR)

Recipient can send a
message back

Caller ID from sender

A known and trusted
source, always a
familiar voice

What makes us different?

    High-touch relationship    Language capability    Industry expertise    Easy to use platform that is feature rich and robust 

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